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WWE has some interesting plans for Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania

Sheamus and Cesaro are running through everyone who comes at them and they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t just set the bar because they are The Bar. Now it looks like all that dominance might have done them a disservice in a sense because they are without opponents for the Show Of Shows.

“The plan is for [The Bar] not to have a match,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio concerning what The Bar should expect at WrestleMania 34. “So that’s a shoot, they have no challengers. I thought it was gonna be The Revival but that thing lasted all of one match.”

When it was brought up by host Bryan Alvarez that WWE could always bring someone else in from elsewhere to face The Bar, Meltzer replied: “it’s not impossible they just don’t have them, they’ve got a full card.”

It was mentioned how Sheamus and Cesaro might be included in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but it’s unlikely. Meltzer said he thought the Hardys would face The Bar, but that’s apparently not the plan either. He said that maybe The Bar could host WrestleMania, but that’s not likely either so “there’s a million skits they could do.”

Although Sheamus and Ceasro are plenty entertaining when they’re doing bits backstage, it would be a real shame for the top tag team on Raw to get snubbed in such a way on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. But only time will tell on that one because it seems that there could be more to this story.

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