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WWE looking for a Sting body double

WWE may have struck a deal with Sting or they must think a deal will be signed very soon because they have put out a casting call and are looking for an orchestra for a project just described as a "promo". WWE will be shooting it on June 16th. The orchestra is required to bring their own instruments and will be "fake" playing music. The actual music would be dubbed over.

The casting call states, "looking for an orchestra of 14 musicians, all with own instruments - ideally a full orchestra who play together regularly. They will be "fake" playing in the promo, music will be dubbed in. All will be wearing the face paint that Sting is known for (see attached pic). Must be OK with heavy face makeup. Any leads on full orchestras who would love to make some money, would be awesome!! Open to all ages (over 18) and for the most part, people will be unrecognizable."

They are also looking for a Sting body double. The casting for that reads:

"Body double for STING Photo Double Male / 38 to 50 / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Hispanic, Mixed, Multi-Ethnic 6'2, 250lb of pure muscle. Prefer a guy with wrestling experience, very fit. HEAVILY muscular. Slightly longer dark hair. Will have a full face of make up on. paying a higher rate as we need a GREAT double for this."

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This could be something related to Sting's impending debut or something for his DVD but I doubt they would do all of that for a DVD/BluRay.