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WWE has started to plan for hosting test live events with fans



Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, fans of WWE have been wanting to see people back in the stands at shows as pro wrestling desperately needs this element. WWE has done its best with the ThunderDome setup.

WrestleMania 37 had fans in attendance and it’s been reported that WWE has plans to host its next pay-per-view event with fans this August at SummerSlam. 

WWE President Nick Khan has stated in the past that once WWE goes back to holding shows with fans in attendance then they intend on that being permanent instead of doing one-offs. Their residency at the Yuengling Center runs through August.

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Recommended Articles reported today “the company intends to start out with some test live events this summer, but they are very early in the planning stages and would be subject to where things stand nationally with the COVID-19 pandemic” in addition to local regulations in various cities.

While the company would like to start this process in July or August, they’ve yet to pull the trigger as they continue to look at how to best handle the situation.

WWE is also paying close attention to how numerous "waves" of the pandemic have played out internationally. The reason for this is due to them wanting to make the best-informed decision as to when and where they start.

The report noted WWE could do some test run weekends, but as it stands right now, no dates have been locked in nor buildings booked. Finally, it was said WWE is waiting for the right moment to take that next step forward.