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WWE hasn’t fined wrestlers for using marijuana in years



It’s 4/20, which is being celebrated by many across the world including WWE stars. Fightful Select published a report today noting that the wrestlers they’ve spoken with have noted the company hasn’t suspended talent for marijuana use in "years.”

Although WWE previously wouldn’t suspend talent for testing positive for it, they would give out huge fines. One wrestler stated that they still get tested for "everything," but they just don't get fined for weed anymore.

It’s been rumored that marijuana use has been quietly removed from WWE's Wellness Policy, but it's still listed on WWE's corporate site. Over the years, WWE’s policy regarding marijuana received pushback from stars including Bret Hart as he said it’s a safer alternative than the other ways many wrestlers chose to cope with life on the road and injuries.

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Randy Orton was said to be an integral figure in influencing a change on the main roster and Riddle was also outspoken about it in NXT. One higher-up in WWE stated, "I haven't even heard anyone as much as gossip over one of the boys or girls smoking weed in years, much less a fine being handed down for it.”

MVP released a rap song about legalizing the usage of marijuana in all states and WWE even released a 4/20 t-shirt for Randy Orton and Riddle.