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WWE held a talent meeting before Raw to address Saudi Arabia rumors, Seth Rollins gave a speech to the roster



There was a talent meeting held before WWE Monday Night Raw to address the rumors that have been circulating since Thursday when the talent plane was delayed for over 24 hours.

Dave Meltzer reported that the meeting took place backstage at about 3 pm today with Vince McMahon and the rest of the crew.

The company blamed the talent speculation for causing a problem and it was reiterated that the issues were mechanical and nothing else. It was also reported that Seth Rollins attempted to do a "rah-rah" speech and then he told people to keep these type of issues off of social media in the future.

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The company wants everyone to know that VInce McMahon left Saudi Arabia before the travel delays issues surfaced. That is true but what was not addressed at today's talent meeting was the stories that got out about Saudi Arabia owing money to WWE and the issues between McMahon and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Shortly after the talent meeting, WWE sent out a press release to say at they were "expanding" their relationship with Saudi Arabia and their relationship will continue at least until 2027 and they are guaranteed two shows per year in the country. Their previous deal guaranteed them one show per year for the first two years of the deal. This announcement makes it clear that the money issues have been resolved.

The timing of this announcement is interesting considering the stock price dropped after concern from stockholders about the future of their Saudi Arabia deals and the fact that they have not been able to secure a new Middle East TV deal. The announcement might alleviate some of those concerns from stockholders.

I spoke to one wrestler who is adamant about not going to Saudi Arabia again. It will be interesting to see how many wrestlers choose not to go next year. During the weekend, a few wrestlers have privately said that they plan on leaving the company when their contracts expire.

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