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WWE held a talent meeting this afternoon to address some concerns after the news about Vince McMahon's return last week and rumors about the sale.

What was said in the meeting was basically the same as what was said on Friday backstage at SmackDown. Talent is being told that everything is the same as far as creative and while there is input coming in from different people who have their suggestions, the "final say" goes to Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

The talent meetings are basically done to calm everyone down as there is a lot of talk about the company being sold at some point in 2023 but as Dave Meltzer pointed out on Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a feeling that Vince will eventually work his way back as the head of creative and there are those in the company who feel that he will appear on TV soon. 

The reason why there is concern is that morale has been up since Triple H took over a few months back. As of now, Vince hasn't been seen backstage but anything could change at a moment's notice.

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