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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Raw Women’s Championship)

The Raw Women’s Championship match between champion Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks kicked off this year’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. This match took place inside of the cell.

Banks attacked Lynch at the start of the match as the cell was lowering. The cell didn’t lower all the way down so that allowed Banks to continue attacking Lynch at ringside. After a couple of minutes, the match finally got started inside of the ring, in the cell.

There were ladders, tables and chairs used as weapons during this match. Late in the match, Banks hit Lynch with several kendo stick shots. Lynch managed to use kendo sticks to get a chair wedged onto the cage. She sat Banks on the chair and then launched a dropkick on Banks while she sat on the chair that was stuck on the cage wall.

A short time later, Banks fought back and hit the double knees off the top and onto Lynch through a table in the ring. Lynch kicked out of the pin attempt. Not long after this, Lynch hit the Bexploder off the top onto a stack of chairs in the ring and then she forced Banks to submit to the armbar to retain the title.

Very good match that lasted over 25 minutes. Banks looked on from the stage as Lynch celebrated in the ring.

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