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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Drew McIntyre falls off the cell, Randy Orton wins WWE Championship


In the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell, Drew McIntyre put his WWE Championship on the line against Randy Orton inside of the cell.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

This match had everything you would expect with all sorts of weapons and parts of the ring like the steel steps used. About 15 minutes in, McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT. WWE piped in a "this is awesome" chant when Orton was slammed through a table at ringside.

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About 20 minutes into the match, Orton used bolt cutters to cut the padlock and chain that kept the door closed. They brawled around the ringside area outside of the cage for a couple of minutes and then Orton started to climb the cell for no reason. Samoa Joe tried to cover for the lack of logic by saying that Orton wanted to try his luck on the top of the cell because he didn't have much luck inside of it. McIntyre followed Orton to the top of the cell.

Orton tried to hit McIntyre with a steel pipe but McIntyre ducked out of the way and then rained down with punches. McIntyre turned around to pose and that gave Orton the chance to use the pipe. Orton tried to climb down the side of the cell and McIntyre did the same. Orton was able to knock McIntyre off the side of the cell and through an announcer's table at ringside and then they piped in "holy sh**" chants. The camera showed blood coming out of McIntyre's mouth.

Orton was able to get McIntyre back inside of the ring so he could try to end the match as McIntyre was still suffering the effects of falling off the cell. Orton went for the RKO but McIntyre counted into a backslide and pin attempt. Orton kicked out but then McIntyre kicked Orton with the Claymore so hard that it sent Orton out of the ring. McIntyre brought Orton back into the ring and then he went for another Claymore but Orton ducked and hit the RKO to win the title.

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