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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon, Sami Zayn turns heel

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon inside the Hell in a Cell structure was the final match on the pay-per-view on Sunday night.

Here’s a recap of some of the key spots of the match (written in real-time as the match was happening):

McMahon hit a baseball slide as Owens was getting into the ring and the action immediately spilled outside of the cage and to the ramp area. After a couple of minutes, they finally made their way back into the ring and the referee locked the cage door behind them. Later in the match, steel steps and a table were used in the match. At one point, Shane was out on a table that was sitting on in the corner area on the cage. Owens went for a cannonball but McMahon moved and Ownes crashed through the table. Later, McMahon got back on offense and hit a coast to coast dropkick on a trashcan that was on top of Owens. The referee counted but Owens managed to get a foot on the rope. McMahon yelled at the referee to open the door but the referee refused. McMahon grabbed bolt cutters from under the ring and cut the lock open. They made their way over to the announcer’s table. Owens jumped on the barricade and thought about hitting a frog splash on McMahon but then changed his mind and climbed up to the top of the cage.

The crowd gasped everytime someone took a bump on top of the cell. Corey Graves reminded fans watching at home that these two men could crash through the top of the cell like Mick Foley did in 1998. They fought on top of the cell for several minutes. Owens even hit a pop up powerbomb on top of the cell. Owens tried to throw McMahon off the top of the cell but McMahon fought back. Finally, Owens decided to climb back down but McMahon chased after him. Now, both men are climbing down side by side. McMahon rammed Owens face into the cell and Owens then fell and crashed through the table at ringside. EMT’s were out to check on Owens but McMahon shoved them aside and teased going for a pin but he had something else in mind. McMahon picked up Owens and placed him on a second announcers table. McMahon jumped but Ownes was not on the table. The replay showed that Sami Zayn pulled Owens off the table before McMahon landed. Zayn told the ref to count and he did as the EMT’s were checking on McMahon. Owens won the match thanks to Zayn. Owens seemed confused as well and the announcers said that it didn’t look like Owens was aware of what Zayn did for him.

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