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WWE Hell in a Cell results: live coverage

WWE Hell in a Cell
June 20, 2021
Yuengling Center (WWE ThunderDome)
Tampa, FL

We are live with ongoing WWE Hell in a Cell coverage. As always, we will have results posted immediately after every match.

Kickoff Show

Natalya vs. Mandy Rose
This was a late addition. Natalya on by forcing Rose to tap out to the sharpshooter

Main Card

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship – Hell in a Cell
Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

Weapons were brought into the match early on when Bayley used a kendo stick and to use on Belair. Bayley also did a sunset flip that sent Belair into the Cell. Bayley also used a steel chair on Belair’s arm. As Belair was taking over on offense, Bayley hit her in the stomach with a ladder from under the ring and she continued to use the ladder as a weapon inside the ring.

Belair turned things around on Bayley with a move off the top but Bayley moved and Belair then hit a back senton onto the ladder that was on Bayley. Belair retained the title with a pin after hitting a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder in the ring.

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

Cesaro attacked Rollins before the match got started. The ref calmed things down so he could get things officially started.

Cesaro hit a flurry of offensive moves for the first couple of minutes but Rollins slowed things down with a DDT. Rollins later tossed Cesaro out of the ring and then followed up with a running knee from the ring apron. Rollins shoved Cesaro back in the ring and then followed up with a springboard knee into a pin attempt.

There was a spot later in the match where Rollins went for the stomp but Cesaro countered into a powerslam into a pin attempt. Rollins eventually got back on offense with an armbar and a falcon arrow suplex into a pin attempt. The finish of the match was Rollins getting a surprise roll up after Cesaro was attempting to finish the match with stomps on Rollins’ arm. Michael Cole played it up like Rollins stole a win even though it was actually a clean win.

Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler started off with punches and kicks to Bliss’ stomach in the corner. Baszler charged but Bliss moved and she got up slowly and then punched and kicked Baszler and she followed up with double knees to the back.

Reginald refused to interfere because he was terrified of Bliss. Baszler came back with offense but Bliss would laugh it off. Baszler hit a gutwrench suplex into a pin attempt but Bliss laughed as she kicked out. Baszler stomped on Bliss’ elbow and that caused her to scream in pain while laughing at the same time.

Baszler tried to twist Bliss’ arm but Bliss gave Baszler a look that made her let go of the move. Bliss hit a spiked DDT into a pin attempt but Baszler kicked out. When Baszler was knocked out of the ring, Bliss and Nia Jax locked eyes and Jax’s hand raised up as Bliss raised her hand. Jax slapped Reginald because she was apparently under Bliss’ spell.

Bliss hit a DDT and then Twisted Bliss off the top and then she pinned Baszler to win the match.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Early in the match, Owens was favoring his shoulder and Michael Cole said that the referee might want to stop the match because of an apparent injury.

Owens continued working even though he was hurting. Owens did a senton of the ring apron but Zayn got his knees up. Zayn then followed up with the Blue Thunder Bomb in the ring but Owens kicked out before the 3 count. Owens came back with a stunner attempt but Zayn countered with a t-bone suplex into a pin attempt.

They fought at ringside and KO hit the stunner to Zayn on the floor. Back in the ring, both men traded headbutts and punches but KO hit a flurry of kicks. Zayn won the match with a kick to the head and the heluva kick in the corner.

Owens was shown talking to the referee. He might be legitimately injured.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair

Flair attacked Ripley with the title before the match officially got started. They went back and forth and when Flair got on offense, she worked on Ripley’s left leg.

The first near fall came after Flair hit Ripley with the Natural Selection. Flair tried to get leverage by putting her leg on the middle rope but Ripley still kicked out. Flair missed a moonsault off the top but she adjusted and did a flip onto Ripley into a pin attempt.

Ripley continued to favor the left leg throughout the match. Flair dropkicked the leg into the steel steps so that made things worse. Flair locked in the figure four but Ripley was able to grab the rope. Ripley then dragged Flair out of the ring and then she was disqualiied when she hit Flair with the cover for the announcer’s desk. Ripley attacked Flair after the match. It looks like they will do this match again soon.

WWE Championship – Last Chance match inside Hell in a Cell
Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

When the match started, Lashley tried to go under the ring to get a weapon but McIntyre ran out and attacked him at ringside. McIntyre tried to use the steel steps but Lashley kicked him in the gut and he took over on offense at ringside but Lashley came back by picking up and tossing Lashley into the cell. McIntyre followed up by ramming the steps into Lashley’s head two times in a row.

Back in the ring, McIntyre launched Lashley across the ring with a belly to belly suplex and then he attacked Lashley with a kendo stick at ringside. McIntyre was about to put Lashley through a table but Lashley took over the match after he hit McIntyre with MVP’s cane. McIntyre took over and he picked up Lashley and dropped him on the steel steps with a version of the White Noise.

McIntyre slammed Lashley’s head several times into the cell and then he tried to slam him through a table at ringside but Lashley fought back. McIntyre continued to attack Lashley at ringside and then he brought steel chairs into the ring. McIntyre did a reverse Alabama slam and Lashley landed on a steel chair. There was a pin attempt but Lashley kicked out.

McIntyre tried a move off the top with a chair in his hand but Lashley countered into an attempt at the Hurt Lock but McIntyre got back on offense and there were a couple of close near falls. Back at ringside, McIntyre continued the attack with the steel steps but Lashley was finally able to counter by jamming the steps into McIntyre and into the cell.

Lashley then wedged a kendo stick on the cell to keep McIntyre trapped so he could hit him with a flurry of offense. Back in the ring, Lashley slammed Lashley’s face into a steel chair. Instead of trying for the pin, he did it again. McIntyre tried to fight back but he took a thumb to the eye and then he was knocked into referee Chad Patton. McIntyre hit the Future Shock but the referee was knocked to the outside of the ring.

McIntyre escaped the Hurt Lock and then he tossed Lashley across the ring before hitting him in the back with chair shots. A second ref came in to count after McIntyre hit the Claymore but MVP pulled the ref out of the ring. MVP realized he was locked in the cell and McIntyre attacked him. McIntyre hit MVP with the Claymore but Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock at ringside. McIntyre drove himself and Lashley back through a table to break up the hold.

Back in the ring, McIntyre hit Lashley several times with chair shots to the body. He went to hit the Claymore but Lashley ducked out of the way as the camera showed the welts on McIntyre’s back. Lashley picked up McIntyre off the apron and he put him through a table at ringside. Lashley went for a spear but McIntyre shoved him into the turnbuckle and then followed up with the Glasgow Kiss and Future Shock. McIntyre went for the Claymore but MVP grabbed his leg and Lashley got a roll up for the win.

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