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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

In the second main card match of the night, Cesaro took on Seth Rollins at the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Cesaro attacked Rollins before the match got started. The ref calmed things down so he could get things officially started.

Cesaro hit a flurry of offensive moves for the first couple of minutes but Rollins slowed things down with a DDT. Rollins later tossed Cesaro out of the ring and then followed up with a running knee from the ring apron. Rollins shoved Cesaro back in the ring and then followed up with a springboard knee into a pin attempt.

There was a spot later in the match where Rollins went for the stomp but Cesaro countered into a powerslam into a pin attempt. Rollins eventually got back on offense with an armbar and a falcon arrow suplex into a pin attempt. The finish of the match was Rollins getting a surprise roll up after Cesaro was attempting to finish the match with stomps on Rollins’ arm. Michael Cole played it up like Rollins stole a win even though it was actually a clean win.

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