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WWE hires an acting coach to work with NXT talent

WWE brought in well-known acting coach Howard Fine from Los Angeles to work with NXT talent. Fine was named Best Acting Teacher in Los Angeles in a “Best of Los Angeles” awards in Backstage West. Cody Rhodes and his sister, at one time, went to Hollywood to try to become an actor before he signed to be a wrestler. They studied at the Howard Fine Acting Studio.

Some of Fine’s better known students include Rosanna Arquette, Gerard Butler, Amanda Byrnes, Jennifer Connelly, Mike Tyson, Sasha Cohen, Lou Ferrigno, Carl Lewis, Michelle Kwan, Val Kilmer, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Tara Reid, Brooke Shields, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Julia Roberts, Diana Ross, Ray Parker Jr., Justin Timberlake, Linda Gray, Darryl Hannah, Vanessa Hudgens and Salma Hayek. He has also been an acting mentor to names like The Rock, Steve Austin, Stacy Keibler, Mark Copani (aka Mohammad Hassan), and Diamond Dallas Page.

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