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WWE House show report (9/5 Terre Haute, IN) John Cena vs. Kane in a Street Fight

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WWE House show report (9/5 Terre Haute, IN) John Cena vs. Kane in a Street Fight

by Curtis Higgs

-Started with fans voting for either Great Khali or Sin Cara to be Jimmy Uso’s tag partner vs Harper and Rowan due to Jeys knee injury.
-First match was the Dust Brothers vs Los Matadores.  Dust Brothers were clearly the heels in the match but crowd reaction was mixed. Dust Brothers one with Stardust hitting his new finisher after about 10 minutes.
-Neville vs Breeze for NXT title was the second match.  Pretty standard match until Neville went over the top rope and Breeze took a strange looking bump on the concrete and grabbed his head and clearly said something to Neville.  Match end right after with Neville hitting the corkscrew moonsult in the ring for a pinfall.
-Showed the Tribute to Connor on the screens after this match
-Paige vs Natalya was the thrid match.  This match started  as a bit of a comedy match with a Natty and Paige rolling over the Ref and him jumping in excitement after the fact.  The match became more a standard match after with Paige hitting the Rampage.  Paige also drew some pretty good heat as well
-The Wyatts took on Jimmy Uso and Great Khali.  Bray sat ringside in his rocking chair and the match was a pretty standard tag match with the Uso’s and Khali going over.  After the match Bray got in the ring and was about hit the sister abigail but Jey broke it up by attacking the Wyatts with his crutch.
-The next match was Sin Cara vs Titus O’neil w/ Heath Slater.  Titus and Slater came out and Titus was trying to draw heat by telling fans not boo or bark. This drew the best heat of the night and once in the ring he started calling fans myself included fat puppy and ugly puppy because he was the only big dog in the town.  Sin Cara ended up going over in a pretty lackluster match.
-Sheamus vs Cesaro for the US title.  This was hands down the best match of the night.  Started slow with Sheamus and Cesaro trading head locks and arm holds and slowing building to some of there signature moves.  Cesaro did bring back the swing toward the end of the match.  Sheamus defeated Cesaro with a brogue kick.  This was the longest match of the night at about 18 minutes or so.  A very good match with some very stiff strikes and catch as catch can wresting in the beginning.
-Main event was Cena vs Kane in a street fight.  The action early in the ring was nothing overly special but once outside the ring Cena took a bump into the steps which lead Kane to set up the bottom steps upright on the ramp for a bump that the he later took.  Cena also took a chair shot to the back and once back in the ring Cena rallied and set up a table to which he put Kane through with an AA for the win.
-All in all a good experience Sheamus vs Cesaro was the match of the evening
Hope this report is helpful,


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