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WWE house show results 1/10/15: Jericho vs. Harper, John Cena has to improvise

by Charles Humphreys

– Estimated 2500, light crowd.

– Show started with a Bray Wyatt video promo.

– Bad News Barrett came out and cut a promo, saying he’d offer a title match to any man that would beat him tonight. Kofi Kingston came out.

– Kofi pinned I-C Champion Bad News Barrett after the Trouble in Paradise. Crowd was into it. Guys had a good match.

– Los Matadores beat Titus O’Neill, David Otunga, and Hornswoggle. El Torito did a springboard moonsault and pinned Hornswoggle. Otunga had some funny interactions with El Torito.

– They ran a Seth Rollins video promo about The Authority being back.

– Fandango beat Curtis Axel in about two minutes with a schoolboy.They really didn’t try to do much. Both guys kept trying to cheat to win. I was disappointed with this one.

– Chris Jericho came out and did a promo about the Authority being back, and said he should run Raw. Luke Harper came out and Jericho challenged him to a match. Jericho beat Luke Harper with the Codebreaker. Good match. Jericho did more than I expected he would.

– They aired a Conner’s Cure video before the two out of three falls match.

– Dean Ambrose won the first fall of a 2/3 falls match with Bray Wyatt via DQ after Wyatt used a cane shot to the head. Shortly after that, Wyatt won the 2nd fall after Sister Abigail. Ambrose wins the last fall CLEAN! with Dirty Deeds. Another really good match.

– Paige & Natalya beat the Bella Twins. Ended when Paige hit superkicks to both Bellas. Nattie put Brie in the Sharpshooter.

– Lots of mic work before the next match. Cesaro and Kidd did their Suzuki-gun gimmick, and dropped facts. Goldust and Stardust followed with another promo in which Stardust berated the smart fans in Mobile. Then tried to convince them that Summerslam was coming here. New Day came out after that. Xavier Woods cut a promo defending the South and he also told fans they could buy the Network for $9.99.

– New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) beat Goldust & Stardust and Kidd & Cesaro after New Day hit Tyson Kidd with the midnight hour. Dust Brothers were the heels. Kidd & Cesaro did some tweener stuff and we got a big swing.

– John Cena beat Seth Rollins in a Mobile Street Fight match after an AA from the top rope through a table. Earlier in the match, Cena got a table from under the ring that was broken, so they had to improvise a bit. Really, really good match. Best I’ve seen from the two yet. Really wish they’d let them do this on tv. Only odd part was Seth randomly cutting a promo mid match and stalling for a bit.


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