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WWE house show results 1/17/15 from Las Vegas: Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

by Robb Block

Event started at 7:30pm.  Small crowd.

A lot of kids in Cena gear which was being sold even though he wasn’t there.  Regins and Ambrose stuff seemed to sell well.

Tony Chimel was the ring announcer.

First up the Uso’s retained the Tag Team Titles over The Miz and Damien Mizdow.  Fans were really into Mizdow.  Finish saw one of the Uso’s hit the splash off the top.

Sin Cara beat Tyson Kidd with a Swanton.  Kids were chanting for Sin Cara and it was a pretty athletic contest.

Jack Swagger beat Curtis Axel with the ankle lock.  Nothing special.

Justin Gabriel beat Adam Rose with a moonsault off the ropes.  Gabriel has a lot of skills.  Rose doesn’t impress.  He attacked one of his Rosebuds after the match.

Dean Ambrose won a Street Fight over Bray Wyatt in what was the best match of the night.  They used chairs, a kendo stick, and broke a couple of tables.  Ambrose won with the Dirty Deeds DDT.  Big reaction for Dean.

Next was a shot intermission.

They came back with a Six Divas Tag match with Paige, Naomi, and Emma beating Alcia Fox, Cameron, and Summer Rae.  Naomi got the pinfall on Fox using  the Rear View.  Not bad for a Divas contest

Chris Jericho was out next to a big reaction.  He did a sort of Highlight Reel just talking and get reactions from the fans until Cesaro came out.  Then Jericho beat Cesaro with the Codebreaker.  Not the best match these guys could have.  In fact Jericho slipped on a top rope attempt, but recovered making you think he fell on purpose.  Cesaro did the Swing.

Final match was Roman Reigns over Rusev by DQ in a U.S. Title match.  Rusev used the belt for the DQ and then Reigns speared him after.  Kind of lame having this last since it was the only unclean finish of the night and Reigns honestly is not ready to headline Mania.

No return date announced.  Show was nearly three hours so you did get your money’s worth in that sense.  All babyfaces went over.  Seems like they should have some heel wins just to mix it up.

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