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WWE Immortals: First Impressions (REVIEW)

“WWE Immortals”, the newest mobile game from WWE and NetherRealm Studios has been released to the WWE Universe. NetherRealm is famous for the legendary game series “Mortal Kombat”. “WWE Immortals” relates a lot to the “Mortal Kombat” series, as it is a fighting game with magically elements. The matches are tag team battles in demonic looking stages to fit the magically elements of the game. The player will form teams of three superstars, and battle through different matches to level up and unlock new cards.  Cards include: characters, gear and power-ups. The game also includes an online battle mode where players can battle others online, and complete daily challenges to gain more credits. A player wins the match once the opponents team has been completely defeated.

In “WWE Immortals”, the superstars have been affected by a magical lantern, and this has transformed they into a very different character. Players will meet many different superstars along their journey; including Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Roman Reigns Paige and Trish Stratus. NetherRealm Studios were able to transform WWE superstars into very fun and interesting versions of their former selves. Roman Reigns has became a classic Roman gladiator, and Paige has become the Queen of Ravens. During a match, fighters gain adrenaline. Adrenaline is measured in three bars at the bottom of the screen. With each bar that is filled, the player may call upon an extremely powerful version of a superstars signature and finishing moves. When a character reaches level 5 and 20, the other two bars are unlocked; with each bar calling upon a more powerful move. Characters level up after gaining experience from each match they compete in.

Overall, “WWE Immortals” is shaping up to be WWE’s most popular mobile game, and one that NetherRealm Studios should be extremely proud of. The game should keep fans interested for a long time, especially with the inclusion of an online mode and the daily challenges. Hopefully even more superstars and costumes will be added in the near future to keep the WWE Universe addicted to the best mobile fighting game released in recent memory.

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