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WWE in Abu Dhabi, UAE results 2/14/15: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (IC title)

The crowd again around 80 percent full at Zayed Sports City - John Cena merchandise worn by more than 50 per cent of the children there - easily the most popular guy there, with Ryback and Ziggler next up.

Ryback and Dolph Ziggler defeated Luke Harper and Tyson Kidd by pinfall in a tag team match. Both Ryback and Ziggler got big reactions from the crowd as they came to the ring. The climax saw Ryback perform Shell Shock on Kidd to get the pin and the victory.

Erick Rowan defeated Curtis Axel in an over the top rope challenge. A very short encounter saw Rowan throw Axel over the rope. Axel tries to attack Rowan from behind post-match, but is rewarded by being thrown over the top rope again.

Sami Zayn defeated Bo Dallas by pinfall. Zayn spoke to the crowd in Arabic beforehand to delight the home crowd. He picked up the pinfall win after delivering the Helluva Kick on Dallas as he stood against the turnbuckle.

Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins by pinfall. A slow paced match, which surprisingly lacked intensity for much of it despite the best efforts of Ambrose's facial expressions. Finish saw Rollins go for a Curb Stomp on his former Shield stable mate, but Ambrose moved, and struck Dirty Deeds to get the victory.

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Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods beat Goldust and Stardust by pinfall in a tag team finish. Stardust walked out on his brother to the back mid-match, leaving Goldust on his own. He was beaten after Kingston and Woods combined for a diving double foot stop/backbreaker combination, with Woods getting the pin. Post-match, Curtis Axel ran down and threw Kingston and Woods over the top rope, but was then chucked out of the ring himself by Big E.

Rusev defeated Jack Swagger by submission to retain the United States championship. Swagger at one stage had Rusev in the ankle lock for more than a minute before Rusev made the ropes to escape. The finish came when Rusev raked Swagger's eyes when the referee was unsighted, kicked Swagger in the face and applied the Accolade to get the victory.

John Cena defeated Bad News Barrett by disqualification in a match for the Intercontinental championship. Really fast-paced match. Business picked up when the referee was knocked out of the ring after being struck in the face by Barrett's feet as Cena attempted an Attitude Adjustment. Cena then applied his STFU submission move and Barrett tapped out, but there was no official there to see it. Barrett then hit a low blow on Cena and struck him with the bullhammer and a second referee came out, but Cena kicked out to Barrett's considerable frustration as he then shoved the second official out of the ring. Barrett then struck Cena with the title belt, but was seen by the recovering original referee, who disqualified Barrett. The result gave Cena the victory but Barrett retained his title. Post-match, Barrett went for another belt shot, but Cena ducked and hit the Attitude Adjustment to delight the fans.

Curtis Axel then ran down and intimated he wanted to throw Cena over the top rope, but received an Attitude Adjustment for his trouble as Cena celebrated with the fans to end the show and the WWE's three night stay in Abu Dhabi.

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