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WWE in talks to bring in another World’s Strongest Man

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WWE in talks to bring in another World’s Strongest Man

WWE likes to diversify their roster with crossover athletes from other sports. It’s worked out very well in the past for them because someone with an athletic body type is usually able to take to pro wrestling with the proper training.

Braun Strowman and Mark Henry both came from the strongmen competitions and Henry even won the title of World’s Strongest Man. Now WWE looks as if they’re trying to bring someone else in with the same title.

Eddie Hall is a 29-year-old British strongman who is a beast indeed. He performed a deadlift where he flipped a 500 kg tire six times and then did squats with a 320 weight on top of him to win the World’s Strongest Man competition but then he retired from the sport.

Now the young man with a ton of career ahead of him said he wants a career change due to the gruelling life of strongmen competitions. He also went on to speak to The Mirror about how WWE has been calling him and they’re apparently in talks to see if they can work anything out.

“I’ve won the World’s Strongest Man and that was my main goal. If I were to go back now, it was so stressful and I put a lot of pressure on my body to win it. I’m only 6ft 3ins and I achieved a bodyweight of 440lbs, and to put it blank, if I stay at that weight for so long, I’m going to kill myself

Eddie Hall is a celebrity in his circle and very popular. He is getting lots of work apart from the strongmen circuit but the now retired athlete still might entertain a WWE run if they can strike a deal.

“We’ve been approached by WWE and it’s something we’ll look at. But I’m doing so well with all the appearances, endorsements, and all the potential TV work coming my way so I’m just biding my time.Me and my manager are just going to pick the best option and go from there.”

Who knows if WWE will be getting another big man in Eddie Hall? He can certainly lift some serious weight as evidenced by the clip below that was taken last year.


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