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WWE interested in Matt Riddle

Beyond Wrestling

Beyond Wrestling

Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle made his pro wrestling in 2015 but fans are already buzzing about him because he has progressed a lot since he first stepped inside of a wrestling ring. Riddle, who wrestles barefoot, is being compared by many to Kerry Von Erich because he has the same look as him. He caught the eye of WWE early on and he even had a tryout with them early on but he was not signed to a contract.

It was believed that they chose not to sign him after the company found out about his marijuana test failures from when he was in UFC. The marijuana test failures were not a secret but I guess WWE wanted to hold off for a while to avoid any bad PR. I should note that WWE does not suspend talent for marijuana test failures but anyone that tests positive for marijuana is slapped with a $2,500 fine, known among some of the wrestlers as the "pot tax."

On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that WWE has been showing renewed interest in Riddle as of late. So, it's looking like we may finally see Riddle cross over to WWE in 2017.

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