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WWE is advertising DX vs. The Rock, Kane and Shane McMahon from 1999 for Tuesday's SmackDown


It looks like WWE sent out some old information to the cable companies for this coming Tuesday's episode of SmackDown Live. If not, then fans are in for a treat with an old school episode of SmackDown from 1999. More than likely it was a simple error.

Several cable company guides are listing Shane McMahon, The Rock and Kane taking on D-Generation X and Edge going one-one-one with Hardcore Holly. An appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin is also mentioned in the description.

Here is the what is shown in the TV listings sent out to the cable providers:

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"It's all out pandemonium on this episodes of SmackDown. In the main event the unlikely team of Shane McMahon, The Rock, and Kane battle D-Generation X. What role will Stone Cold Steve Austin play in all of this? Edge goes one-on-one with Hardcore Holly."

That would be the 12th episode from the first season. That show aired on 11-11-1999. That would be the episode when Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared and got physical with Triple H.

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to air a throwback episode ahead of the 20th anniversary show but, unless WWE says otherwise, I would treat that listing as a mistake.