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WWE is already hinting at a big WrestleMania match for Seth Rollins



On tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, there was an in-ring segment that featured Triple H saying that he wanted to see the old Seth Rollins.

Rollins got in Triple H's face and said that he's been carrying the company for the past year. Rollins also namedropped Brock Lesnar's name. In the next few weeks and months, you will start hearing more jabs from Rollins directed at Lesnar because the current plan is for Rollins to face Lesnar at WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer first reported this news a couple of weeks ago and it's now obvious on WWE television that Rollins/Lesnar is the direction they are going in.

The question is whether or not Lesnar will be defending the Universal Championship. We haven't heard anything on that but a WWE source told us that Braun Strowman will not be the WWE Univeral Champion at WrestleMania so make of that what you will.

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The Rollins/Lesnar feud should start to heat up towards the end of January after the Royal Rumble. Lesnar is scheduled to appear on next week's Monday Night Raw as part of the hype for his match with Strowman.