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WWE is apparently ready to move on from Neville

WWE has yet to say anything publicly about Neville but, as you can see below, he has finally been removed from the 205 Live intro. The situation remains unchanged and he still needs to get an official release before he can work for another wrestling company. As noted over the weekend, he is said to be happy about his decision to leave the company and he’s been frustrated with several things (pay, creative, not getting royalties from his WrestleMania match, etc.) over the last few months.

There are other wrestlers in the company that are unhappy and would love to explore their options outside of WWE. However, the fact is that while Neville will probably land on his feet with a company like Ring Of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling but that is not guaranteed for others looking to leave. Also, Neville had a great reputation in wrestling before he joined WWE.

In typical WWE fashion, they have completely avoided mentioning Neville since he walked out a couple of weeks ago and it’s as if he never existed.

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