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WWE is asking fans what needs to be fixed with their product



WWE is well-aware of some of the biggest criticism of their product and a new Fan Council survey sent out to a portion of their base indicates that they are at least considering changes.

One of the things asked was whether fans believe that the company focuses too much on their corporate interests. They also asked if fans feel like storylines are not given enough time to develop and if some great wrestlers aren't getting the coverage they deserve.

There also a question on if fans want to see wrestlers talking off the cuff (ie. no script), if there aren't enough unique personalities, if stars are not as compelling as they used to be, and if the current champions haven't earned their spots.

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Perhaps, the most important question on the survey that was asked was if the shows are too long. That has been the main complaint about Monday Night Raw and many pay-per-views.

We'll see if any of the answers to the survey leads to changes. The one thing they can't change is the length of Monday Night Raw because they are getting paid so much for 3 hours every Monday on the USA Network. However, they did remove the overruns that would typically go between 7-15 minutes past 11 pm eastern.

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