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WWE is bringing back the Million Dollar Belt

WWE appears to have a fun direction for the Cameron Grimes storyline with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.

It was noted on the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast that WWE plans on bringing back the Million Dollar Belt. Andrew Zaharian said the following about DiBiase and this Tuesday’s NXT: “He’s gonna appear in the ring next week with Grimes…Million Dollar Belt is back…I can confirm the Million Dollar Belt is back baby!”

Zaharian apologized to his source because he was not supposed to break that news until Monday. He said, “Sorry to the individual that told me but Million Dollar Belt is coming back. I don’t know for how long but they’re gonna have it on TV. People are very excited within WWE about the Million Dollar Belt.”

Zaharian went on say that the Grimes-DiBiase story is about new wealth vs. old wealth.

He said, “I was told that it’s like a comparison of old money versus that whole bitcoin money. It’s unsophisticated idiots becoming millionaires overnight because of cryptocurrency and the Million Dollar Man represents old wealth, 1980s wealth. I think that’s the story here with this.”

It’s not clear yet if DiBiase will stick around as Grimes’ manager or if his sole purpose for being back on TV is to re-introduce the belt and give it to Grimes.

DiBiase appeared on NXT this past week and his presence caused Grimes to get distracted during his match with Jake Atlas. Grimes lost the match because of the distraction and he tried to get his hands on DiBiase, who was driven away from the building in his limousine.

This coming Tuesday night on NXT, DiBiase and Grimes will have a “Million Dollar Face-Off.”

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