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WWE is building up John Cena as the greatest champion of all time

WWE was pushing at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view and on Raw that John Cena is now a 15 time World Champion. The reason for that is because they want to push him as the greatest champion of all time. He is just one away from Ric Flair’s 16 World Championships.

Also, his 15th World title reign coinciding with him being on the cover of WWE 2K15 is not a coincidence. That was all done by design. Although there were rumblings that WWE was thinking of doing a swerve at the Money In The Bank show on Sunday, the deal is that the company was always going to go with Cena and there were actually no plans or considerations for anyone else other than Cena. The plans were already set in stone for Cena to win the title. In fact, the company decided on Cena as soon as they knew that they were taking the title off of Daniel Bryan and that decision never changed.

The late changes in the betting odds on Sunday actually came from predictions from the guy on Reddit so it looks like there may be issues with his source or he’s being swerved because he used to be very good with predictions.

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