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WWE is considering adding live fan streams during empty arena shows

WWE is looking for ways to make their empty arena shows more appealing to the fans watching at home.

A couple of days ago, I exclusively reported about ideas that were pitched to Vince McMahon to make the empty arena shows more exciting. One source said that the idea of piping in crowd noise was brought up and it was something that Vince McMahon did not give a thumbs down to, so the idea is not off the table.

A WWE fan council survey sent out in the last 24 hours indicates that WWE is also considering adding reactions from fans watching from home. Basically, the live WWE broadcast would be shown in the middle of the screen with smaller boxes around the screen showing fans that are live streaming from their home.

The fan council survey started out with the following:

“WWE is considering new options for the way that they present show segments within this current environment. This might include seeing and hearing feedback from Superstars, celebrities, sports figures or fans during a show. The following videos are examples of how parts of show segments might look if fans were shown on screen providing feedback.”

The survey asks if fans would be interested in watching reactions from WWE Legends, everyday WWE fans, sports figures, WWE Superstars, celebrities/Entertainers and a mix of all of the above.

The survey is also looking to find out if fans are affected by the coronavirus and if their spending habits have changed.

Below is a screenshot of one of the videos that were shown in the fan council. There were three videos shown. One had only fan commentary, the other had just the wrestling commentary with no fan audio and the third version had both fan and wrestling commentary.

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