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WWE is considering two ideas for Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at SummerSlam



We are just one week away from SummerSlam and potentially one week from Brock Lesnar's final match in WWE. Most people are probably thinking that Lesnar will lose the title, either to Roman Reigns or to Braun Strowman if he decides to cash in on the pay-per-view or on the following night on Raw.

On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that people in WWE management are considering two ideas for the Lesnar vs. Reigns match. One of them sounds similar to the Lesnar vs. Goldberg match at Survivor Series 2016.

"Right now there are apparently two ideas for the Lesnar/Roman match," Alvarez said. "One of them is a rather short match. And the other is - you guessed it - a long match. By long I mean one of the longer matches Brock has ever had since he's been in the company. I guess they'll decide which one is best on the day of the show."

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The short match idea is a surefire indication that Lesnar is going to lose because it seems unfathomable that WWE would want to squash Reigns in a couple of minutes. A long match could still mean a win for Reigns but there is always the chance that he gets screwed and then Strowman cashes in to send the fans in Brooklyn home happy.

If you are hoping to get a spoiler on the finish of the match, it's probably not going to happen because WWE is doing everything possible to keep things a secret until the show happens.