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WWE is discussing major changes to the NXT brand, including new logo, lighting and new presentation

As noted earlier, 12 NXT wrestlers were released this evening as part of WWE’s housecleaning.

Some of the names were surprising since they’ve been featured on TV. Bronson Reed was believed to be headed to the main roster after wrestling on some dark matches before SmackDown a few weeks ago but he was on the list of names let go today.

PWInsider noted on their audio show this week that there has been talk of major changes coming for the NXT brand. Those changes would include a new logo, new lighting, and a focus on younger talent along with a different format to the show. The housecleaning appears to be part of the changes for the brand. heard several weeks ago that officials in the company realize that the NXT brand has gotten stale and the look and feel of the show needed to change. One person in the company compared NXT’s look to AEW as “night and day” and this person admitted that AEW felt fresh and that’s why they won the ratings battle for so many weeks when they were head to head.

We heard a while back that the dark look of the show is something that is seen as being outdated and there are plans for some upgrades.

Click here for a complete list of names that were released today.

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