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WWE is getting ready to add live events to the WWE Network

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WWE is getting ready to add live events to the WWE Network

There are cameras filming tonight’s WWE live event in Boston, MA. It’s not the full-blown production that they use for Raw, Smackdown and pay-per-view events but we’re told that there are more cameras there than the usual live events, which usually consists of one hand-held and someone recording clips for social media.

The reason why WWE is doing this is that they are doing a test run with some of the production crew as they prepare to start adding live events to the WWE Network.

As we reported a few days ago, WWE sent out a survey to their mailing list asking if fans would be interested in seeing live events and/or Saturday Night’s Main Event specials on the network. We’re told that the idea for the SNME specials would be to air house shows on Saturday nights.

The live events would be part of the proposed $15 tier on the network. There has also been talk of a free WWE Network tier that would include commercials and users would be limited by how much content they can watch per month. The free tier would not be available on all devices.

Click here for more on some of the proposed changes for the new price tiers.


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