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WWE is keeping 205 Live star’s winning streak alive to make Saudi Arabia officials happy

Vince McMahon Saudi Arabia

WWE makes a lot of money by hosting two events per year in Saudi Arabia and whenever they hold these shows, there is a certain star who is used nearly every time.

That star is Mansoor, who signed with the company in 2018. In the early days of his time with WWE NXT, he either had a losing or even match record. Once WWE went into business with Saudi Arabia and used him due to him being from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he has gone on an impressive winning streak.

His last loss came on August 23, 2019 by dropping a loss to Dominik Dijakovic at a house show in Sanford, FL. In 2020, he went 20-0 and thus far in 2021, he is 13-0. In the last several months, he has been used on Main Event and 205 Live episodes.

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Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Mansoor’s winning streak is to “appease the benefactors in Saudi Arabia.”

He pointed out how WWE never mentions the winning streak on television in the United States nor puts him on the main roster with the idea of attempting to push him as an international star.

WWE has a 10-year partnership with the Saudi General Sports Authority. There has been talk of WWE holding its next event in Saudi Arabia later this year.