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WWE is leaving the door open for The Undertaker’s return

Whilst many of us assumed that the WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns was the last ride for The Undertaker, WWE has yet to confirm his retirement. In fact, the announcers are being told to specifically stay away from giving confirmation. Going into the show, fans already knew that Taker needed to get hip replacement surgery and the fact that Taker left his gloves, trenchcoat, and hat in the middle in the ring before embracing wife Michelle McCool at ringside served as confirmation to most of the fans watching the show on that night.

However, the following night on Monday Night Raw, there were no tribute videos and there was no retirement ceremony. Perhaps, Taker didn’t want to break character or perhaps the company realizes that there is a chance that he will be back next year. WWE is leaving the door open in case The Undertaker wants to return for WrestleMania 34. If you’ve paid attention to the commentary since WrestleMania, any time Michael Cole mentions his name, he never definitely says that Taker has retired. It was noticeable on commentary on the Raw after Mania and they’ve made sure to be careful with the wording around his retirement every other time Taker’s name has come up. In fact, on the Raw after Mania, Cole talked about Taker’s loss with the caveat of “if that really was The Undertaker’s last match…” On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, during the Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns match, Cole talked about Reigns being “the man who defeated The Undertaker and perhaps sent him into retirement at WrestleMania.”

It looks like we will have to wait for WrestleMania season until we get confirmation. Taker is believed to have gotten the hip replacement last month when he visited David H Kock Pavilion Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. The hospital is considered to be the best in the United States for orthopedics and second for Rheumatology so he was in good hands. Last year, he told people backstage that he was done but, as has been the case for the last few years, he would start to feel better and then would commit to another match. Hip replacement surgery didn’t close the door on careers for other WWE Legends. Hulk Hogan got his hip replaced in 2004 and wrestled a few more times after that. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper had hip replacement surgery in 1994 and while he was never the same in the ring, still continued to wrestle for several years.

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