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WWE is making a change to their women’s titles

There has been a push from some in WWE to make changes to the women’s titles.

On Tuesday’s episode of WWE Backstage, Becky Lynch spoke about her wish to have the women’s titles not have the “Women’s” distinction dropped from the name of the belt because she believes that history has already been made and it’s time to present everything as being equal.

Lynch said, “I think it’s now starting to hold us back where we are then going ‘oh, this is the women’s segment, this is the women’s thing.’ Why do we need that division? We need people, we need characters, we need people looking for the main event spot, not the top women’s spot, the top spot.”

As many of you may have noticed on this week’s episode of NXT, WWE has made the decision to refer to the NXT Women’s Championship as simply the NXT Championship so the gender-specific designation has been removed for that title. Rhea Ripley is the current NXT Champion for the female roster. The announcers during the broadcast did not use the “Women’s” distinction during last night’s broadcast when they referred to the female belts.

I have heard that this is not the only change coming for the women’s titles. Prior to Lynch’s comments on WWE Backstage, there was already talk of renaming the women’s titles on Raw and SmackDown.

One idea that was pitched was to simply mirror the names of the men’s titles to have the Raw Women’s Championship renamed to the WWE Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship renamed to the WWE Universal Championship. Another idea that was pitched was to simply make the distinction between Men’s and Women’s titles, unlike now where the distinction is only made for the Women’s titles. So, for example, Brock Lesnar would be referred to as the Men’s WWE Champion and Lynch would be referred to as the Women’s WWE Champion.

I was told that the changes to the main roster titles might not come right away because if the changes happen then they would want to introduce the new title names during WrestleMania.

Click on the video below to hear Lynch’s comments from this week’s WWE Backstage.


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