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There's been a lot of chatter on social media this week about WWE's decision to have Cody Rhodes announced as a Royal Rumble entrant instead of having him show up as a surprise.

Many expected a Rumble return so it made sense to announce him before the show because it's another selling point but there are other surprised planned and apparently WWE management is very happy with the names they have planned to be there.

WrestleVotes, an insider who has broken many WWE scoops in the past, reports that the company is "more than pleased" with the surprises they have lined up. The full tweet says the following:

Asked a source the reasoning behind Cody’s Rumble return being announced as opposed to a surprise... Source said it’s twofold, one being that nearly everyone expected it to happen already & two, source states they are “more than pleased” w/ the other surprises that are lined up.

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That leaves the question...who do they have lined up? There aren't many big names available. Goldberg is an option but fans have seen him on TV so much over the last few years and John Cena recently appeared on SmackDown. Logan Paul may be a big deal to some but wrestling fans are used to seeing him as well. Pat McAfee is a possibility and the big name that everyone is wondering about is The Rock. The Bloodline appreciation ceremony happens this Monday at Raw XXX and the WrestleMania hype is starting so anything is possible.