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WWE is no longer selling Sting merchandise



Fans can no longer buy merchandise for Sting on WWE’s website.

WWE removed all merchandise related to Sting on Thursday. Up to this point, there had been various items for sale by the company such as t-shirts, backpacks, and more. It was available in the WWE Legends Shop section of

Typically, when this happens it means that WWE no longer has the contractual ability to sell the content. If you recall, Mattel had to stop selling Sting’s action figure several months ago, which sparked rumors that he could be AEW-bound, but that never happened.

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Back in May, it was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that the WWE Hall of Famer was no longer under contract with WWE. 

Although Sting was forced to retire from wrestling because of neck issues, he has expressed interest in at least one more match if he can face The Undertaker, which is a longtime dream match of fans.

In fact, the reveal of Brock Lesnar no longer being under contract with the company was due to WWE removing his merchandise from its shop site.

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