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WWE is not happy about Taz's promo from AEW Fyter Fest

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

Last night on AEW Dynamite, Taz revealed that the AEW World Championship match between champion Jon Moxley and Brian Cage has been postponed until Fight For The Fallen on July 15. The reason for this is because Moxley is taking care of wife Renee Young, who tested positive for COVID-19.

Moxley has already taken two COVID-19 tests and they both came back negative but Tony Khan and Moxley decided to take extra precaution and that is why the match was posponed.

During the promo from last night, Taz referred to Moxley's tests and said "as you know, we don't run a sloppy shop." That line was taken as a shot at WWE since they did not start to implement COVID-19 testing until there was an outbreak at the Performance Center.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that there were people in WWE who were not happy with Taz's comments.

Meltzer said, "boy were there people upset with that line ... there were people very upset with that line. How do you even argue it, right?"

Meltzer said WWE can't argue what was said since what was said about AEW's testing is factual. AEW has been doing COVID-19 testing at their shows since the pandemic while WWE has only been doing temperature checks and they are inside of a small building where the virus can easily spread. AEW has been taping most of their shows outside at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida where there is less of a chance of the virus to spread since they are in open air.

"That's the reason Moxley is not on this show [Fyter Fest] is because WWE was so lax in doing so that they had an outbreak, that's what happened," Meltzer said.

If you missed it, check out the clip below from Taz's promo.