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WWE is opposing Cody Rhodes over WCW trademarks

Scott Lesh/All Elite Wrestling

Scott Lesh/All Elite Wrestling

Last year, Cody Rhodes was filing for trademarks of previous WCW themes to use in AEW.

Aside from “Bash at the Beach,” which was used for a theme of an episode of AEW Dynamite back in November, he filed for trademarks on “The Match Beyond,” “Slamboree, “SuperBrawl,” and more.

The reason for the trademark filings was due to him wanting to get the rights to the names of the shows as they were ideas his father WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes came up with.

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It was reported back in November by Dave Meltzer that WWE was trying to oppose some of the trademarks that Cody was attempting to gain the rights to. The only problem at the time of this report was which trademarks WWE was trying to oppose.

Now, we know. Back on April 23, WWE filed for the standard 90 days to oppose the filing, which eventually led to them being granted an extension. WWE has until July 22 to file their opposition.

In the filings, it was noted that the reason for the extension is due to "The potential opposer needs additional time to investigate the claim."

Cody also filed to trademark the name of his father on March 24, but WWE is not opposing that trademark.

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