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WWE is promoting a Street Fighter match between Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods

It’s 2018 and it seems anything is possible in the wrestling world. Just a couple of years ago, we could never imagine WWE acknowledging a top wrestler from another wrestling company.

But, if you check out WWE’s website, there is a story featured prominently on their homepage and it references the upcoming E3 showdown between Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega. Yes, both of them are avid Street Fighter fans and there was a playful back-and-forth between them on Twitter on Tuesday.

Their rivalry picked up when Omega posted a video on Twitter, showing his Street Fighter skills.

Woods had a comeback of his own.

The people at Capcom took notice and, after speaking with both men, it was announced that Woods and Omega would be settling their differences during E3.

Each man will get to choose 3 partners. Presumably, Woods will choose 2 fellow WWE Superstars but it will be interesting to see who Omega chooses and will WWE cover their epic battle? Stay tuned.


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