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WWE is reaching out to surprising names to keep them away from AEW

The next few months should be very interesting when All Elite Wrestling’s TV show starts on TNT in October.

As previously noted, it looks like NXT on Fox Sports 1 is happening and it will be counterprogramming against AEW from 8-10 pm eastern.

Another thing WWE is doing is reaching out to wrestlers that might get signed by AEW. Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has opened up talks about bringing in people who they’ve never had an interest in. The obvious reason for this is because they want to keep them from signing with the competition (ie. AEW).

One surprising name that WWE spoke with a few months ago was Joey Ryan. Apparently, it wasn’t a good enough offer because Ryan turned it down. He’s one of those guys that wouldn’t have been considered for a job in WWE a year ago.

One of the hottest acts available right now are LAX with Konnan. They’ve had talks with both AEW and WWE and are reportedly leaning towards signing with AEW but if they end up with WWE, it would be interesting to see Konnan there since he is someone who WWE has not had an interest in for political reasons.

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