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WWE is reportedly releasing Triple H hires, staff and talent not happy with Bron Breakker's entrance at WWE NXT New Year's Evil



One of the things that stand out about today's WWE releases is that almost all of the names that were let go were people that were hired by Triple H.

Fightful reports that the only non-Hunter hire was Allison Danger. She uprooted her family from Las Vegas to Orlando so she could work for her "dream job" but her time in the company only lasted three months. Her hiring and firing was discussed by Lenny Leonard on Twitter.

Two of the big names fired today, Road Dogg and William Regal, are considered to be Triple H guys. Hunter and Regal's friendship goes back to their days in WCW. Hunter has also gone to bat for Regal when he was dealing with substance abuse issues many years ago.

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Fightful adds that, according to talent and staff at NXT/PC, they are saying that these latest cuts were done directly to remove the Triple H hires.

Furthermore, last night when Bron Breakker kicked the old NXT "X" during his entrance, that was not well received backstage and the feeling was that the company was "sending a message."

Scotty 2 Hotty said the following during his interview Chris Van Vliet on why he left WWE in November: “It was over the last couple of months. Once the pandemic happened and all the releases started happening, I think the releases took a big toll on me. When I became a coach, I had no idea how much I would love that job, and those guys are then like your children. You create these relationships with people, and you see them get released, and you find out with everyone else when they come up on Twitter. My buddy in Nashville texted me, ‘Oh, the releases are happening again.’ So then I jump on Twitter and I see somebody released that was in my class that I just saw three hours before. That’s how I’m finding out, and dude, this is not cool.”

Scotty also said this about NXT's new direction: “Well, it might be different now. But when I left there a month ago, they want young. I know that they are doing tryouts for people who have never done this. They are hiring all these college athletes. I have always said that you can’t teach passion, and you need passion to do this. No matter how much money you’re making, if you’re on the road doing 200 shows a year and you’re traveling, which adds about 50 days, you are looking at 250 to 300 days a year on the road. No matter what you’re making in money, you need passion. I think at some point it will swing back the other way and they will go, ‘Where are the men at? We need men’, and then you will see a bunch of guys come in who are a little bit older and more experienced. Putting green on green on live television can be dangerous.”