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WWE is still paying CM Punk

Steve Austin had noted that when he walked out of the company in 2002 it was considered to be a breach of contract and that meant that he no longer got merchandise money and royalties from the company. His bills would still come in but there be no more checks from the company and that’s why he figured CM Punk would come back to the company.

The deal with Punk is much different than the situation in 2002 with Austin. Both sides are not saying anything negative about the other or even talk about the split. CM Punk is still getting checks for his merchandise sales. Those are nice checks because his merchandise is selling well.  As of a few weeks ago he was the second best merchandise seller behind John Cena.

Officially the company has not suspended Punk. He is not fired or released, he is simply on leave, at least that’s the official word internally in the company. Chael Sonnen noted on Wrestling Observer radio that when he talked with Punk he thought Punk was just working him but now as time goes by he thinks that what Punk told him is the truth. Presumable Punk told him that he left the company. Punk and Chael are friends. So it’s looking more and more like everything that’s gone done and the feeling of Punk not returning to the company is true.

Information from the Wrestling Observer newsletter was used in this post. Please visit for subscription information.

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