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WWE is struggling to sell tickets without John Cena

WWE returned to live event touring back in July after not doing so for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. John Cena made his return to the company on the same weekend that WWE was holding shows once again on the road with fans in attendance.

Since Cena was going to be back in WWE for a short time before returning to Hollywood, he wanted to work all events including house shows. The demand by fans to go to shows again and Cena being back boosted WWE’s ticket sales.

However, now that WWE is without Cena, ticket sales have gone down. This was something Dave Meltzer talked about during today’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“If ever there was any argument about John Cena…I’m not saying throughout his entire career….but John Cena at this stage going to house shows and being a draw, boy did this year-end it because they were running around everywhere when he was working and they were selling tickets. And they were doing very well and now that he’s not there it has gone from great to so-so and maybe in some cases less than so-so. I mean bad, there are definitely bad ones now.”

Meltzer later added, “so yeah, WWE is definitely, based on modern standards, they are struggling to sell tickets.”

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