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WWE issues statement on fan who displayed KKK imagery during Monday Night Raw



WWE has plans to ban the fan who decided to show KKK imagery on their screen during Monday’s episode of Raw.

The fan was a virtual audience member as part of the ThunderDome showed an image from a KKK rally on one of the screens. It was during the final segment of the show near the front row. A man appeared to be wearing a KKK robe waving a confederate flag.

Now, WWE has made it known that they are working to ban the fan from being part of upcoming events.

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WWE sent out the following statement to regarding the situation:

“This abhorrent behavior does not reflect WWE‘s values and we have zero tolerance for these unacceptable acts. We are working to ban those involved from future events and per our policies, any inappropriate actions result in the removal from the live stream.”

Since the debut of the ThunderDome, there have been other incidents such as a “Fire Velveteen Dream” sign as well as photos of Chris Benoit being shown.

Up to this point, if a member of the audience violates WWE’s guidelines then they’re kicked from the session.