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WWE King of the Ring 2015 results: WWE crowns a new King

WWE King of the Ring 2015 results (WWE Network special)
April 28, 2015
Moline, IL

We are live with King of the Ring results.

Jerry Lawler was introduced by Eden. He came out on the stage and talked about what it means to be King of the Ring. Then they showed highlights of the first round matches from Raw.

Byron Saxton interviews Sheamus backstage. Renee interviewed Neville.

King of the Ring semi-final
Neville vs. Sheamus

The announcers kept talking like it would be a huge upset if Neville beat Sheamus. At one point in the match Sheamus shoved Neville off of the ring apron and to the announce table. The referee counted but Neville barely made it back into the ring. Sheamus was about to wrap up the match when he hit “White Noise” but Dolph Ziggler came out on the stage and showed a clip from Sunday of him beating Sheamus. Sheamus got distracted. That allowed Neville to kick Sheamus in the head and then hit the red arrow. Neville wins. Ziggler runs down to the ring after the match and attacks Sheamus. Sheamus escapes but then runs back in the ring and they brawl again as referees run into the ring to break them up. Sheamus’ eye was busted open really bad during the brawl.

WWE Network commercial.

Renee says that Neville’s win was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the King of the Ring. Yea, sure. She interviews Bad News Barrett. Byron Saxton interviews R-Truth. Truth talks about spiders and facing his fears. He says his plan is to win KOTR and become KOTR and he’ll get to declare some things and he’ll get rid of spiders.

King of the Ring semi-final
R-Truth vs. Bad News Barrett

Truth got a lot of early offense in on Barrett. The announcers said that Barrett may have been underestimating him but Barrett turned things around when he hit “Winds of Change” on Truth. He got a 2 count and then stomped Truth in the corner. Truth turns things around though. There was a spot where Truth thought he won the match but Barrett got his foot on the ropes at the count of 2. Barrett hit the bull hammer and got the win.

A tribute video to Verne Gagne airs.

Renee interviews Dolph Ziggler. She asks him about Ziggler’s attack on Sheamus from Raw and about his attack from earlier tonight. He said that it was just a taste of what Sheamus will get when he steps in the ring with him. He said Sheamus should be worried about him kicking his ass.

The announcers plugged this week’s WWE Network programming.

Byron Saxton interviews Bad News Barrett. Barrett says it’s unfair that he has to fight immediately after fighting Truth but it’s also unfair for Neville to have to fight someone who is on the role. Barrett said he will take his seat on the throne as the one true king of WWE.

Commercial for NXT on the WWE Network.

King of the Ring Finals
Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

The story of the match is that Neville’s ribs are hurting from his match with Sheamus. Barrett worked on the ribs with forearms and kicks to the ribs throughout the match. Neville was able to mount some offense after a few minutes ane even hit a nice springboard moonsault from the ropes to the outside of the ring onto Barrett but Neville was favoring his ribs. Back in the ring, Neville with kick combinations and dropkick followed by a bridge suplex. 2 count. Neville runs the ropes but Barrett catches him with Winds of Change. 2 count. Barrett hit Wasteland but Neville barely kicked out before the 3 count. Barrett got frustrated because he couldn’t keep Neville down. Barrett sets up for the bullhammer but Neville moves and rolls up Barrett and almost gets a 3 count. Neville misses the red arrow and Barrett hits the bull hammer. Barrett wins.

Lawler interviewed Barrett on the stage where the throne was. Barrett put on his cape and crown.

They will be taping Smackdown shortly. Click here for Smackdown spoilers.


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