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WWE Legend Kamala hospitalized and on life support



Not all news is good news and this piece of information is a rather sad one. The history of pro wrestling has been full of fantastic characters and over-the-top performances. One man who took his gimmick to another level was Kamala as he embodied his wild savage persona.

Our best wishes and speediest of recovery hopes go out to an amazing Superstars from days gone by. Although he would never be able to get away with using his iconic gimmick in today's climate, Kamala was a charismatic Superstar who possessed impressive ability for a man his size.

Kamala is seriously ill and has been hospitalized. He is currently on life support but shows signs of improving.

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A social media update including a picture of a hospital bed where Kamala is resting reads: "A lot of people has asked me for updates on James Harris status the Doctor said he's looking good this morning. He's still on Life support but he's showing signs of improvement."

Our prayers are going out to Kamala, his friends and family while they deal with this tough situation. We're hoping for the best.