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Long-time fans know certain words that wrestlers and announcers are not allowed to say on WWE programming because Vince McMahon didn’t like them.

After McMahon resigned from the company last month and Triple H was named the head of creative in WWE, several changes have been made.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that talent was previously told to never use “wrestler” and “wrestling” without receiving authorization under McMahon’s leadership.

However, with Triple H in charge, the terms are no longer considered “dirty words” and can be used whenever.

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Meltzer put together a list of the banned words from 2020 that McMahon didn’t like. Some of the terms include the following: blood, choke, belt, strap, diva, headshot, trauma, kayfabe, mofos, house show, and DQ.

Many of those terms are still not allowed to be used, but this may be the start of more words being allowed to be used.