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WWE looking to do a power struggle storyline involving The Rock and The Authority?

There has been some talk that the reason Vince McMahon’s return to WWE TV this week on Raw was because they are looking at doing a major WrestleMania storyline. The speculation stems from the fact that Vince was supposed to be back on TV around this time last year for a power struggle angle with Triple H and Stephanie that was supposed to lead up to WrestleMania XXX. They even advertised Vince to come back and it was pushed back each week but he never returned to TV. Then at one point it was decided by Vince that the Mr. McMahon character was done and retired.

They basically started that same angle on Monday’s Raw this week. The talk at the time (last year) was for Steve Austin to face Triple H with the company on the line. Austin would have had Vince McMahon in his corner. Obviously the company could not get Austin to do the angle. The Rock would have been their second choice. For whatever reason they nixed the angle last year.

Now, with WWE’s recent tease of a Triple H vs. The Rock match for WrestleMania 31, there is speculation that maybe they will be doing that power struggle angle this year with Vince McMahon in The Rock’s corner.

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