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WWE looking to recruit hockey players, amateur wrestlers, and MMA fighters

Gerald Brisco is recruiting athletes and pushing to them that they can have a longer career in pro wrestling. Guys like Sonny Dhinsa and Josh Woods started training at the Performance Center last week. Brisco is also going to start recruiting tough hockey players in Canada as well and money will be used as the sales pitch.

Brisco notes that low level MMA fighters only make between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per show and they would make nothing when they start out as amateurs but under a WWE developmental deal they woud make far more money and it’s guaranteed money all year. For top caliber amateur wrestlers it’s sometimes hard for them to get fights because fighters often don’t want to fight unnamed wrestlers unless they have great takedown defense and the pay is not too good.

Briso is pushing that if you get signed to a developmental deal then you’d be making more than a minor league fighter and if you get signed to a main contrac then you’d make more than most UFC fighters. He also pushes that if you become a star then you can follow the Brock Lesnar path and use the fame in WWE to move into UFC and get a better money deal without having to grind it out on lower level MMA shows with little pay. Plus they wouldn’t be risking serious injury on the low level shows.

Currently UFC has 500 fighters under contract. WWE has about 130. They have 53 performers (including women and managers) on the main roster. There are some WWE stars that wished they had done MMA before wrestling so it goes both ways. Shad Gaspard is one of the people that had said he wished he had done MMA first.

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