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WWE made several changes on Raw due to Roman Reigns' leukemia diagnosis



The big heel turn from Dean Ambrose at the end of Monday Night Raw was expected because they've been teasing it for weeks. However, it was not originally planned for this week and Roman Reigns' leukemia diagnosis caused WWE to make changes.

Bryan Alvarez talked about the Raw changes while blasting the company for doing an angle that capitalizes on fans emotions after they heard Reigns' speech.

"He was never supposed to turn heel last night," Alvarez said. "The original plan was that he would turn around Survivor Series and they moved it up and they specifically did it to capitalize on the emotions of a guy who is going home to fight for his life."

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There were some fans on social media that were fine with the angle especially because it's something that Reigns would have gave his blessing to while others agreed with Alvarez.

There were other changes made to the long-term storylines. Braun Strowman is a full-blown babyface and will move into a singles feud with Drew McIntyre after Crown Jewel. Seth Rollins is going to be pushed as the top guy on Raw and Ambrose is going to be the top heel star along with McIntyre and it looks like Elias is now a babyface and will be in a feud with Baron Corbin.

Bobby Lashley's long-term status is not clear because he is working hurt.