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WWE Main Event may be done on ION; other WWE news

It looks like WWE Main Event will be done on ION TV since they have not struck a new deal with WWE. WWE will shop the show around to other networks. If they can't sell it then it will remain exclusive to the WWE Network.

WWE and THQ are working on WWE 2K15.

There is more resentment towards the Ultimate Warrior going into the WWE Hall of Fame than there is for Carlos Colon which, quite frankly, doesn't make sense to me. For those that don't know, Colon was in the locker room when Bruiser Brody was murdered by Jose Gonzalez in 1988. Gonzalez was portrayed as a sympathetic figure on TV before the trial and was acquitted and brought back to WWC as a booker. Some of the Americans were not present for the trial. Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter) got his summons to testify after the trial was over.

Colon was quoted in an article in the Orlando Sentinel in 2000 as saying:

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People write and say garbage about me and what happened all the time. I just ignore that stuff. Gonzalez was arrested, tried by a jury in a courtroom and acquitted. What else is there to say about it?