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WWE makes a change to internal babyface/heel roster listing after Raw

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge will be working as a babyface going forward after being betrayed by The Judgment Day.

On Monday’s Raw, Edge came out with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest for an in-ring promo before introducing the newest member of the group. Out walked Finn Balor, which was a surprise considering Balor alongside Liv Morgan and AJ Styles lost to Judgment Day in a six-person tag team match at Hell in a Cell the night before.

Edge wondered why Balor reached out to them to be part of the group despite losing the match. Balor said he saw clarity after Hell in a Cell and joining the group was a calling that he refuses to fight because he’s tired of pretending who he is.

Priest chimed in and said there was only one thing left in holding them back - Edge. They attacked the former WWE Champion and left him laying after Priest hit him with a chair. This was seemingly done to write Edge off television.

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PWInsider reported today that WWE has internally moved Edge to the babyface side of the roster following the attack.

It’s unclear when Edge is expected to return to TV. It's possible the turn was done due to the company needing another top face since Cody Rhodes will be off television for several months while he recovers from getting surgery to fix his torn pec.